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A Call For Support

As many of you know, my journey has taken unexpected turns, including my death on a mountain while hiking the Appalachian Trail. When God brought me back to life, I felt an unmistakable hunger to pursue what I had been avoiding: making original music for the Kingdom. It was a revelation that shook me to my core, igniting a passion within me and quenching the fear and self-doubt - I cannot ignore it any longer! Growing up as a pastor's kid, my life has been deeply rooted in faith and music. From leading worship in churches across the world to finding solace and strength in God during my college years, every step has led me closer to embracing my true calling. Now, I stand at the precipice of a new chapter, ready to dive headfirst into the depths of this divine mission. Thank you all for having been a part of praying me up, loving on me, and speaking truth into me over the years. As I embark on this journey, I am humbly reaching out to you for your support as I endeavor to bring my music to life. Building a music career requires resources and your contributions will enable me to cover essential expenses such as studio time, website development, production costs, merchandise creation, and marketing materials. Every dollar counts and I am praying that those who know me best will join me in this endeavor. Together, we can amplify the message of God's love and restoration to a world in desperate need. To make supporting this mission as easy as possible, I have launched a Patreon account where friends and family can become patrons for as little as $5 a month. This platform not only provides behind-the-scenes access but also offers a space for one-time donations, allowing you to contribute in a way that aligns with your means and convictions. For those who prefer a good old fashioned check or money order, you will find my mailing address below. As I prepare to return to some of my home churches in other states in the near future, I am eager to share my music, delve deeper into my testimony, and rejoice in the Lord's work together with you. Your generosity, no matter the amount, will not only help me reach my $25,000 goal but also open doors to opportunities that will amplify God's message through music. Thank you for considering this request and for your unwavering support throughout my journey. May God bless you abundantly as we walk hand in hand on this path together. Love you all bunches and tons! Anya Lee (and Pupper Dog)

Image by Fabian Blank
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