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Projects I'm Working On

I am so ridiculously excited to share my first two songs with you!  Music, merch, more blogs, and a call for support.  See more below!



My joyful noise

I am working on two very near and dear singles that I cannot wait to let out into the world.  I am still getting the hang of getting the word out so please share listen, follow, and share to help me do it.  You're a blessing and I pray this music blesses you!


Merch, merch, and more merch

Yes, you, too, can support your favorite new CCM artist by ordering some merch!  T-shirt, bags, hats, and stickers.  I'm sure there's something you like.  Well, put it in your cart and rock it!  

Don't forget to tag #worshipanyamind when you share it on social (yeah, I know the kids don't hashtag anymore but it's a habit now so I'm still gonna do it).

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Image by Katie Harp


Seeking Support

Starting a music ministry and career takes time, commitment, organization, chutzpah, and funds.  I surely have the first four but the last one could always use some help.  Learn how you can support my ministry and why you should.


Cover pics

I had my first photoshoot (supremely awkward for me, beause it's me) but she was an amazing professional and she made some great art.  Now, to decide which images will be cover art.  Would you want to help me choose?

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