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Hey, you!

Well, it looks like you made it.  Glad you're here.  This is the place where I am supposed to tell you a bit about me and my ministry (and my pup).  Even though I'm cringing and do wanna do it, I'll give it my best.  Let's get into it!

A Bit About Me

What to say before you get bored and swipe or click away?  I'm an Army Brat, a middle child, an introvert, a dog lover, I've experienced two dramatic, physical miracles, and God brought me back from the dead after I died while NOBO section hiking the Appalachian Trail with a long-time family "friend."  Maybe that will keep you around a while.

Most of my life is truly boring filled with true crime shows, hikes in the woods, and writing music for you to sing/play a long and praise the Lord.  I sing on my church worship team and struggle with my weight.  I sew moderately well, and I love to cook for other people.  I doom scroll into the wee hours of the morning, and I love to read.  I'm divorced but still believe in romance and Godly marriage.  I let my fear hold me back from many things but I'm also digging into this big dream of music as a career.

Growing up as the middle of three daughter to a stay-at-home Mom and an Army Chaplain Dad meant we never really set down any roots.  Going home for the holidays was visiting my grandparents in Ohio while the question "where are you from" was always answered with "well, I'm an Army brat."  Moving around was the norm for us - elementary school in Central America, high school in Germany - and I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything.

It has taken a while for me to learn to embrace my uniquities (just go with it) and there are still those unique things about me I am learning to love.  Through music and worship and nature and healing from so much I am starting to see the me that God loves without limit - and I hope my songs will lead you to the same revelation.  


Love violently, care deeply, seek intently, and fall in love entirely with your Father God and find the life you were meant to live!

Now, go look at the more interesting parts of this website.  I'll chat more in the blogs!  

Go on, now.  Git!


(coming soon)



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